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DesignMarch is here again in 2017

Added on by Sturla Mar Jonsson.

Once again Reykjavík annual design festival "DesignMarch" is taking place, as the name implies, in March 2017. There will be exhibitions and venues all over the city like never before with hundreds of talented designers and manufacturers participating.

In the exhibition at Harpa I will be premiering three new items for AXIS, all based on simple geometry but with useful properties, callbox. box office and box sofa.  Ásgeir, our fantastic craftsman, has been busy making these things during the past weeks.

At Sólóhúsgögn there will be a new chair on show. Everybody has been kept busy to the last minute finalizing the items and the last stitches in the upholstery are being made now just a day before the opening ceremony.