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Preparing for Designmarch 2016

Added on by Sturla Mar Jonsson.

Time passes quickly and the annual Icelandic Designmarch is just a few weeks away. There is still a lot of work to be done. I could have begun this work some time ago but it seems that the longer time I have the longer it takes to do the job. Must try to break this habit before I get old :-)

I´ll be showing new designs for manufacturers at Reykjavik Art Museum and also staging an exhibition at the Grótta Gallery ín my hometown Seltjarnarnes. I'll share the gallery with designer Thorunn Arnadóttir, an outstanding designer who's work I admire very much. Although in the same gallery these will be two independent exhibitions.

 In Grótta I will be exhibiting one-off work which I will make in the workshop. This is just for fun, no serious manufacturing restrictions, so the design will take final shape as the building advances. Most of the forms are based on something which I find inspiring and memorable - they are represented as free form Butler stands from wood and metal.  In Iceland a similar thing was sometimes called a Priest because vestment was kept on it. The circular tops are mirrors for powdering ones nose - for those who do - others can just admire themselves. The mirror is simply named "Mirror, mirror..." resembling the words of the Evil Queen in the story of Snow White so the person looking in the mirror at any given time is "the fairest of them all".